How To Wire a Plug

1 Trim the sheath

Remove the plug cover by loosening the large screw. Position the flex on the open plug to determine how much of the outer sheath needs to be removed: the cord clamp must clamp sheathed flex, not the individual conductors. Slit the sheath lengthwise, peel it back, fold it over the knife blade and cut it off.

2 Trim the conductors

Position the flex again so you can trim the conductors to the correct length. They must take the most direct route to their terminals and lie snugly in the channels. Cut them to length and strip off about 12mm (%in) of the insulation from each then twist together the filaments to make them neat.

3 Secure the conductors

Connect each conductor to its terminal. Post-terminal plugs have a barrel with a hole in the side and a screw on top: fold over the bared wire ends in these. Clamp terminals have a post and screw: wrap the bared ends clockwise around the post and screw the clamp nut down. Tighten the cord clamp and replace the cover.

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