How To Replace a Fuse

1 Look for the blown fuse

Turn off the power at the main switch. Remove the cover from the consumer unit and look for the failed fuse. A close look at a blown rewireable fuse will normally show up a broken or even vaporized wire and possible scorch marks on the fuse carrier.

2 Rewireable fuses

Pull gently on the end of the wire with a screwdriver. If the wire is broken, loosen the two terminals holding the fuse. Extract all the broken fuse wire then wrap a length of the correct rating fuse wire for the circuit clockwise around one terminal and tighten the screw on it.

3 Replacing fuse wire

Run the wire across to the other terminal. Leave a little slack in the wire, so you can attach it to the other terminal in the same way. If the wire passes through a tube in the fuse carrier, the wire has to be inserted first before either terminal screw can be tightened.

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