Tiling On Top Of Old Tiles


If old tiled surfaces are sound but dull, or even 'downright offensive' to your sense of style, it is possible to tile over them in exactly the same way as if you were tiling a plain wall. Always make sure that the old tiled surface is clean and grease-free before you start. If any of the tiles are loose, re-fix them with adhesive, having first cleaned off the old adhesive from the wall and the back of the tile. This way, when re-fixed, they will lie flush with their neighbours. Where you tile a full height over a previously tiled half height, you can disguise the 'step' - the difference in level - by adding a 'mini shelf' or dado effect using a strip of finished hardwood.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Clean the old tiles

Clean the old tiled surface. Check that it is flat by using a spirit level against the horizontal and the vertical planes. Apply the adhesive using the notched spreader to create horizontal ridges.

2 Hang the new tiles

Using the old tile layout as your guide, press, don't slide, the new tiles into position. When the adhesive has dried, grout, 'point' with a rounded end stick in the joints to neaten them, and polish.

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