How To Tile Around a Window


If there is a window in the area you are tiling, it can be helpful to start planning there first so that you can make sure the tiles on each side of the window are about the same width. It could look odd if they are not, especially on a small window. Start by placing a row of whole tiles at the level of the sill and position cut tiles behind them to reach the back of the window reveal.

Tiling around the architrave of a window requires exactly the same method as fixing any border tiles, except that at the four corners you will have to cut an angle into the tile so it fits snugly. Use RE or REX tiles as appropriate. Once again, a cardboard template is extremely useful to get an accurate fit, and the cut edges will need to be smoothed off. Make your template and transfer the outline to be cut onto the face of the tile using a water-soluble felt pen, making sure you allow for the appropriate spacing between the tiles. Score the cutting line and either nibble away at the tile with pincers or cut the straight lines with a saw file. Always wear protective eye wear whatever method you use to cut tiles.

If you are also tiling along the top of the window, nail a temporary horizontal batten in place just beneath them to support them as the adhesive dries. If you have to use a ladder to reach the top of the window, make sure that it is stable and remember never to over-stretch; just work on the area directly in front of you.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Measure and mark

At the four corners of the window frame, you will need to cut away squares or rectangles of tile so they fit neatly. Measure and mark the area to be cut away. Score the lines and nibble with pincers or cut with a saw file.

2 Hang the tile

Position the cut tile and then firmly press it into the adhesive. Don't slide tiles into place; this moves the adhesive around and can affect the adhesion. Complete the tiling around the window and allow the adhesive to set firmly.

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