Decorating Tiles

You don't have to live with patterns, colours and cracks in tiled surfaces thanks to the newly developed ranges of paint products, which make it possible to renovate old tiled surfaces without the trouble and expense of having to remove and replace them.

Of the number of ways to liven up old tiles, the simplest method is to paint them using one of the special tile paints available. You'll need to sand the tiles first so the surface is 'keyed'. These paints are a little more expensive than ordinary paints, but they don't require a primer or a final varnish to seal them.

Alternatively, there are primers for use on tiles, which make it possible to use ordinary emulsion paint on top, which can then be sealed with a tough clear coating to make it long-lasting or waterproof. A third way to 'jazz up' old tiles is to apply some decorative transfers: these are available in a range of styles and colours and are ideal for covering the odd cracked or discoloured tile while adding a little extra interest.

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