How To Cut Tiles

We give you all the information you need on cutting tiles properly to give you a good finish and minimise wastage.

Tile-Cutting Jig

This is a very worthwhile investment if you are planning on tiling a large area. Not only do they cut tiles, but they also incorporate a mechanism to measure and score them accurately. Jigs speed up tile cutting and reduce wastage.


Cutting very thin strips off tiles is best done with pincers - sometimes called Japanese nippers. Basically, you 'nibble' away at the tile edge to reduce its size, or 'score' and 'pinch' to remove a thin strip along an edge.

Tile Saw

Sometimes, to fit a tile around a light switch or socket, you'll have to cut away a corner or cut a notch. This is easiest if a saw file is used. Score, cut and then snap out the corner or notch.

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