Nails are the simplest fixing devices around, needing just a hammer to drive them in. They come in a wide range of types and sizes but just a few will cover most of your everyday fixing needs -buy others as and when you need them.

Round wire nails

These round nails have a large, flat head and are used for rough general woodwork, such as building wall frames and garden structures.

Sizes range from 25 to 150mm in length.

Oval wire nails

Used for most general carpentry work these nails won't split wood as readily as round wire nails if used with their longer axis parallel with the grain direction. The heads can be punched in and filled over.

Sizes range from 25 to 150mm in length.

Lost-head nails

These have a smaller head than the oval wire nail, making them easier to punch in and conceal on general-purpose joinery.

Sizes range from 25 to 150mm in length.

Annular (Ringshank) nails

With a flat head these round nails have a ringed shank which grips wood better than a wire nail, and are ideal when extra joint strength is needed.

Sizes range from 20 to 100mm in length.

Panel pins

Ideal for fixing panels to framework, these slim round nails are also excellent for general fine joinery assembly work (usually used in conjunction with adhesive). The slimmer version of this nail is known as a Veneer Pin.

Sizes range from 15 to 50mm in length.

Hardboard pins

Hardboard pins are similar to panel pins but have a diamond-shaped head that can be punched easily below the board surface. They usually have a copper finish.

Sizes range from 20 to 40mm in length.

Floorboard nails (Floor brad)

These are coarse nails cut from steel sheet instead of being drawn from wire, and are used for nailing floorboards to joists. Larger sizes can also fix skirting boards and timber frames to masonry.

Sizes range from 40 to 75mm in length.


With a flat head these small cut nails are used chiefly for fixing fabric to framework and carpets to floors. They usually have a blued finish.

Sizes range from 10 to 30mm in length.

Gimp pins (Upholstery nails)

This type of nail is a small pin with a decorative domed head and is used for fixing trims to upholstered furniture. They are available in a brass, bronze or antiqued finish.

Sizes range from 6 to 12mm in length.

Clout (Felt) nails

These short galvanised nails have a large flat head and are chiefly used for fixing roofing felt to roof boards and fabric webbing to seat frames.

Sizes range from 12 to 50mm in length.

Plasterboard nails

These nails are galvanised and have jagged shanks to give a good grip when fixing plasterboard sheets to wall frames and ceiling joists.

Sizes range from 30 to 40mm in length.

Masonry nails

Designed for fixing wood to masonry, these nails are also used as an alternative to screws and wallplugs. They are round in shape and made from hardened bright steel.

Sizes range from 25 to 90mm in length.

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